Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Doing your Ed.D Means You Want to Change.

My goals walking into this program is to continue where I left off with my M.Ed program from UOIT.

This isn't where it started.  I think everyone comes into a program coloured by their life experiences.

If I was to describe myself from literary terms, I'm a deconstructionist,   I like to take things apart, change them and put them back together.  I think this comes from being viewed as being different.

I was the first female student to take a technological studies course.  I was one of the first female tech teachers in my school board and am still well in the minority.  Many of the social challenges of my schools got in the way of my learning.  In hindsight, if a more diversified approach had been allowed for my education, my success rate would have greatly increased, but it wasn't the time nor the attitude of that time.  Starting my masters, I believed that I could change education from a micro classroom level, but the more read the more I realize that implementing change at the classroom level, doesn't really change or improve education.  It must be done at the school or preferably the district level.  The question I need to explore is how to work around the politics.