Sunday, 13 July 2014

Learning is like riding.

I went to the Stampede today; I felt guilty taking myself away from my work but I had an epiphany while I was there. I went to my first rodeo and gained new knowledge and respect for what cowboys do.  In many ways they demonstrate the learning cycle.

  1. They take risks (I wouldn't get on that animal).
  2. They get thrown around (and stomped on sometimes)
  3. There are facilitators who help when they're in trouble with their activity (sometimes I think my students think I'm a clown).
  4. They face humiliation in front of their peers, but most importantly they get up and try again.

It feels like I've been thrown off a few horses this week, but I'm still getting up.  I think we all need to be cowboys (girls) in this program.  Now I really I want a hat.